How to become a good software engineer

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  1. Keep improving

    The game is constantly changing so software engineers have to keep adapting too. Keep improving your knowledge and work toward getting better at what you do.

  2. Always read

    Always commit to a reading schedule. It’s not about the number of books you read but making sure you are reading. Reading is the quickest way to improving your knowledge. After a bit of time, you wont even be keeping track of the number of books you are reading.

  3. Better health

    Working out helps you get in shape, feel better about yourself, and gives you more energy to handle other tasks. Increased energy and confidence will automatically increase productivity.

  4. Handle interviews

    You don’t have to get into real interviews, you can just practise in a mirror. Interviews help increase your confidence and help build up your knowledge of what’s currently happening in the tech field.

  5. Rise early

    Waking up early can give you the best part of your day to handle something you love. You can spend it reading or even coding. If you are waking an hour early every morning, you cannot complain about not having enough time.

  6. Track time

    Like everything, we don’t realise what we have and where we spend it unless we make a conscious effort. That being said, it is a good idea to track your time, so you know where you are spending it wisely and where you aren’t. It can assist in improving your schedule and optimise it better.

  7. Less television

    Start with less television and push yourself to none as you go along. TV is a huge waste of time, although there are some interesting shows, you will find that you spend more time browsing and getting almost nothing of value. Overtime, you wont even miss it.

  8. Improve soft skills

    Better your personal development and soft skills and you would automatically give yourself a career and confidence boost.

  9. Join groups

    There are a lot of people online that are doing the same things you are, going through the same struggles and sharing the same experiences. Share and learn a few things from them.

  10. Start talking

    It is important you learn and master public speaking. Before that though, you have to master speaking. Since practice makes perfect, keep speaking whenever you get a chance and within no time, you will be there. It builds confidence too.

  11. Start mentoring

    Helping someone who has a tonne of questions and difficulties sometimes helps you see things from a different perspective. It would also help improve your skills and sometimes push you to get answers.

  12. Learn more

    Push yourself to learn something new every year, whether it is a new language or a skill. Don’t ever settle for what you already know, there is a lot out there to add to your knowledge chest.

  13. Professional resume

    If you are trying to look professional, the best way to make an impression would be through your resume. Use fancy vocabulary, smart language and make the entire thing as mature and professional as possible. It is the one thing that you would be judged by before your to-be employer even hires you.

  14. Fixed routine

    Routines help better time manage and work on the things that really matter. You cannot perfect anything without being meticulous and systematic.

  15. Upgrade equipment

    The same principle was mentioned above, if you have a good machine, you would like to push yourself to get more done. Make sure your equipment is up to date and regularly maintained, looked after and upgraded.

  16. Choose specialities

    The best way to excel in any field is to pick a speciality. If you do not have one, you would be all over the place instead of acing an individual field.

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