6 color pattern trends in Mobile App Design that you need to follow

Color is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s toolkit. Color can draw attention, set a mood, and influence the user’s emotion, perception, and actions. When it comes to the web and mobile app design, this is definitely a time of vibrant colors.

1. Focused Color Palette 

Clean and concise color schemes enables a developer to improve user experience. It is important to provide more and more white space so that the user is able to differentiate between active and linked elements. Make sure that you stick to a certain color palette & do not overuse colors.

2. Use of High-Contrast Colors in UI

The purpose of using high contrast colors in your app is to grab the users attention. High contrast schemes take advantage of human psyche that react towards strong and weak colors. White and grey for instance, are weak colors. On the contrary, red and orange are strong colors. 

3. Bright Color Iconography

There are some apps which require many icons on one screen. This is common for apps that provide multiple sub-functionalities. In such a scenario it is important to highlight all the icons equally. Bright colored iconography comes to the rescue in such scenarios. In this technique, all the icons are highlighted using bold & bright colors. While doing so, it is important to keep in mind that the background should comprise of mild and neutral hues which takes us to the next point.

4. Use of Pastel, Muted Colors

Each app has a different appeal. And the UI must be designed to suit the characteristics of the app for the creation of that appeal. For instance, a live-streaming music app signifies fast speed action. While a personal finance app needs calm and cool analysis. There are a large number of apps where loud and bold colors are not suitable and therefore one should preferably go for neutral or pastel hues.

5. Limit Your Choice to White, Black, and Grey Color

This trend a sub point of the minimal color usage trend. This is for those apps, in which the content is the key. There should be limited use of color and CTA buttons. For instance on medium.com, content is USP of the site/app.

6. The Trend of High-Contrast, Complementary Gradients

The designers need to make use of the color contrast (using two opposite colors) to prevent the eyes from strain. Bright gradient colors in user interfaces can bring the feeling of a modernized technology and fresh ideas.

In conclusion, the correct decision of the color is most important and it must be finished with extreme care while designing mobile apps.

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