Building for the future of TV with Android

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Winter is the time most people spend indoors with family and friends. The holiday season has a certain family vibe to it and when spending so much time at home, the one thing most people can agree on is watching some good television. The general TV habits have started evolving, as have televisions from the giant CRTs of the past to the most recent smart televisions powered by Android or iOS.

Android televisions allow you to pick up right where you stopped on any specific show. If there is a Google assistant on television, confirming the news or weather is a breeze. In a world with so much content already out there, with users always looking for the best and finding time to catch up on everything, Android televisions definitely provide the needed edge.

Android TV
Android televisions, like cell phones, are quite popular. That’s not all, their developers are unveiling a bunch of devices, features and add-ons to work well with them. There are different specifications for the televisions to match different budget requirements, from the high-end Sony to a lot lower versions and variations allowing them to reach a diverse audience. Most of the televisions set-top boxes are also customised to work well with them.

The people interested in purchasing Android TVs are a dedicated audience with stats showing that 87% of them use their television every day. They also have apps that help to keep users occupied with an average of 15 apps being used per user. More than increasing the time spent watching TV it creates stickier followers.

Has Android O made any changes to the Android TV?
The Google assistant is now a lot chattier and allows users to get deeper into their favourite shows. There are a bunch of voice commands as well allowing users to control what they are doing on the television. It also integrates with other IoT devices around the room, controlling lights, sound and the occasional ordering a pizza.

Android O took the design a step further and reworked the home screen. Content comes first for the new design allowing users to access the content through less than two clicks.

Android TV apps and phone apps use the same architecture making it easy to expand a phone app directly to your television. Developers work on just one APK and work it for both devices.

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