Some app development trends and practices to keep watch for in 2018

2017 saw a lot of changes to the app development space and made some innovations that redefine the way users view apps and their development. With all the new advances taking place, the only way to get ahead is working on something that has not been done before or picking up trends to redefine the business.

Here are a few trends to can help redefine the business

1) Instant apps for Android

Users find these native Android apps more convenient since they can be used without an installation. They run like the working of a website.

2) AI in apps

Users love technology that makes for simpler UI. Most apps, no matter which field, are using these processes to get ahead, from Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), Intelligent Apps, Cyber Security, IoT and many others.

3) Blockchain

With the popularity of blockchain growing faster than reality TV, companies are working on hopping on the wagon before it’s too late. Blockchain is a system that gathers company information and stores it as blocks. Changes cannot be made to one block without altering the rest of the blocks, making it, very secure.

4) AR and VR

These are also gaining popularity, although it started in 2017 majorly for gaming, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Companies are looking to find new ways to add these to their development process as well. Amazon GO is one example working with the technology trying to impact the retail sectors.

5) Cloud technologies

Moving to the cloud makes hosting, equipment and storage a lot cheaper for mobile app development companies. It further works to increase collaboration as well.

6) Cybersecurity 

Something that should have existed earlier but is picking up now. The idea is to integrate IT security in as early stages of development as possible. Apple’s SWIFT was one great example of this.

7) Predictive analysis

Data science is an upcoming and constantly growing field, allowing companies to use machine learning and AI to gather information already provided to make predictions moving forward.

8) Business bots

Using bots to automate certain processes normally easy to handle without human intervention makes sense. There are a few companies currently doing this, but the number is said to increase in the upcoming year.

9) Edge computing

Edge computing seems to be growing with major players already switching with investments to change hardware and software. They are the next in digital transformation.

10) Mobile payment

Goodbye to the old and time-consuming processes of making payments. Enter mobile payments, which allows users to make payments without even having to turn on their computers.

11) Lazy loading

Lazy loading has been around for some time but is finally hitting the mainstream. Loading different parts of the page when their time comes makes for faster loading and less time consumption waiting for pages to open.

12) Accelerated mobile pages

A not so prominent project by Google and Twitter is creating faster loading mobile pages. They do this by creating a stripped down HTML version of pages that take less bandwidth when loading.

13) Internet in 5G

There is nothing much that needs to be said here, just that data and the internet on handheld devices are going to be getting a lot faster this year.


When working on mobile app development, pay heed to most of these trends, making sure, as many of them are followed, as possible. This could be the difference between having to worry about these issues moving ahead and having an edge over the competition.


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