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Develop apps that build businesses and beat the competition

  • There are multiple business development companies in Pune, and Genora tops the list with over 300 projects live on the app stores.
  • How did we company, from this tiny state, manage to get global recognition?
  • It all goes back to work we did in the past. We engineered apps that were guaranteed to be successful. We worked hard and built amazing products soon getting recognition from national and international business companies as their preferred app developers in Pune.

Platforms we know their way around

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

We offer iPhone and iPad app development solutions based specifically on the results the client is looking for. We work toward enhancing their business performance. Our development teams use the SWIFT programming language to build user-friendly apps while matching all the requirements to write good code. Thanks to our pace and quality, a majority of Genora’s clients have received high positions in the app store. Many apps going as far as receiving a million downloads thereby increasing revenue.


The apps created by Genora are created to withstand millions of users and hold that much information without lagging, with the right features and appeal. Our aim has always been making sure users love the product and are happy to share it. The Android team uses the Google android standards and development tools, thereby creating high-quality apps.

Genora’s app development process

Result based
Working towards results

We make sure our apps are well developed, user-friendly and feature-rich. Our result oriented goals are built on three principles; business goals, customers’ intent, and competitor analysis.

Amazing UI/UX designs
Amazing UI/UX design

After communicating the idea with the team, we are more than happy to take the design forward. We can assure our clients that they would see their own visualised designs on the app. We spend a lot of time with these designs since the designs create an impression on the users.

High-end development
Superior development

We make sure development is beyond par, whether we are working with iOS or Android. Apps are developed and tested for different screen sizes and OS versions as well. Our developers are all well experienced and trained before working on external products.

Well tested products
Thorough testing

No matter the size, the smallest errors could cause the most harm. We spend a significant portion of our time testing the app for technical or layout issues.

Well timed delivery
Well priced and timeline conscious

Being one of the best-known development companies in Pune and working on par with major names throughout the country, Genora makes sure the little things are all accounted for. We encourage the young guys, like startups and small businesses, to work on their ideas by giving them very well thought out prices.