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Work on appealing and feature-rich apps that stand above their competition

  • Genora is a well known and globally spoken about mobile app development company based out of Goa.
  • We managed to achieve this fame through hard work, good quality products and making the little things were focused on.
  • Our key strategy was not to provide our client with a product but to launch a market success.

Platforms we have a good foundation in

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

We provide our clients with result-oriented apps to improve your business. Our app developers write high-quality code, that matches global standards. We code our products in SWIFT allowing us to build user-friendly apps. Some of these apps have turned out to be successes by receiving millions of downloads on the App Store.


All apps developed by Genora are made to accommodate millions of users in the database. We managed to get such a large number of user expertise by working with feature-rich and visually stunning apps. The Android app development team uses the Android SDK platforms prescribed standards and Android development tools to make sure they provide a high-end result.

The development process we follow

Result based
Result based

Making sure our apps are user-friendly and feature rich is only the first part of the process. We research three dimensions to make sure we are chasing the right results, business goals, customers’ intent, and researching the competitor.

Amazing UI/UX designs
Amazing UI/UX designs

Genora makes sure the designs our clients envision are the ones they see when the app is ready. We are also happy to design the app from scratch for clients who have an idea but no design ready. We focus on designs since these create the first impressions users receive of the client and in turn the development company they worked with.

High-end development
High-end development

No matter what platform we are working with, Genora makes sure we use the right languages and technologies so the developed product stands out. Our products are also made to work on different screen sizes and OS versions.

Well tested products
Well tested products

Small errors are enough to bring the house down, keeping this in mind, Genora makes sure we test the entire product well. Apps go through test after test making sure they are free of all technical or layout glitches.

Well timed delivery
Well timed and priced delivery

Being one of Goa’s most reputed application development company, we make sure our work is well priced for their clients. We make it a point to encourage small startups to work on their ideas by giving them amazing discounts and other benefits.